BGRA: fender Foto Flame Precision

Manufacturer fender Model Foto Flame Precision
Reviewer daniel frost Email n
Experience 6 Item owned Less than 1 month
Review Date 2001-12-12 Price paid UK 300 (US$425)
Bass type4 string fretted
Neck joinBolt-On
Neck constructionu must know a precision!
Fingerboardnormal scale, dont know how many frets (20 - MW)
Bodydont know, lovely flamed finish
Finishflamed maple
Pickupsstandard MIJ factory ones
HardwareStandard p-bass bits
Bought it second hand, absolute bargain, people really are starting ot find out that those MIJ fenders they turned away as second class basses are actually on a par and often friendlier to play, if not better materials than usa counterparts, this is a MIJ p-bass, but with a flamed top, gorgeous, good player, and most importantly of all, it's not just another boring fender precision.
construction (85%)
japanese fender, superior ot usa models
playability (90%)
great, feels like part of ur body
appearance (100%)
flamed maple u could eat
sound (85%)
good, punchy p-bass
value (100%)
300 ($425) a steal!!
service (85%)
Arbiter, uk distributor are v.helpful
overall (95%)
Great bass to play, great bass to have on stage, and bargain price
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