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Manufacturer Ambush Custom Basses Model -
Reviewer Larry Richardson Email n
Experience 25 Yrs Of and on Item owned 1-6 months
Review Date 2002-06-25 Price paid $2,945.00
Bass type5 string fretted
Neck joinBolt-On
Neck constructionGraphite reinforced composite construction
FingerboardBirdseye Maple, 22 Frets, 35" Scale
BodyAsh Body with Spalted Maple Top
PickupsSpecially designed Bartolini pickups
HardwareGold Hipshot Ultralight tuners and Hipshot 'B' bridge, Schaller straplocks
ElectronicsActive/Master Volume, Blend control, Mid cut and boost w/ three position switch, Stacked treble and bass cut and boost, Pickup configuration switch (double J bass or double humbucker)
My Custom Ambush bass was made by Scott Ambush, bassist for Sypro Gyra. This is by far the flattest neck I?ve ever played and the absolute best Graphite neck bar none. The action is very low to my liking and the ?B? string is to die for. The construction is first rate for a working bass master. The spalted maple top wood really makes this bass look tasty, add to it the birdseye maple fingerboard and gold hardware, and you have a masterpiece. Looks are great for a bass but it has to say something, and the Ambush basses say a lot. If you want that vintage Fender Jazz bass sound and with a flick of a switch a vintage Ken Smith bass sound with balls, you have to get yourself an Ambush Bass. You would have to give me a Ken Smith bass because Smith?s just don?t do it for me, but the Ambush gives you what the Smiths lack, decent mid-range and some good down home BOTTOM! The Ambush cuts through and with the three way mid-range toggle switch you can get the biggest variety of sounds imagined. Scott is a master bassist, he?s local I get a chance to see him perform when he?s off the road, and to hear the sounds coming out of his bass closed the deal for me. I didn?t have to pay a kings ransom for either, starting at just $2,545.00 you can have a world class bass. Build time is about the same as most of the other major bass builders, much less time than Fodera or Sadowsky and sound wise the same result. I would recommend anyone looking for a custom bass that you just can?t put down to look seriously into getting an Ambush Custom Bass.
construction (98%)
Exceptional for a working bassist
playability (100%)
The neck feels like butter, the action is very fast.
appearance (100%)
I just sit and look at, very pleasing to the eye.
sound (100%)
Vintage Fender jazz, vintage Ken Smith, best of all worlds
value (95%)
Very Good value
service (90%)
Keep in mind Scott is a working luthier, but he comes through when needed.
overall (98%)
No complaints about buying an Ambush bass, I highly recommend them.
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