BGRA: Yamaha BX-1

Manufacturer Yamaha Model BX-1
Reviewer Stephen Woo Email n
Experience 18 Item owned A very, very long ti
Review Date 2002-08-14 Price paid 380 used
Bass type4 string fretted
Neck joinNeck Through
Neck construction5 piece Maple thur body
Fingerboardrosewood, 24 fret
Finishcream White
Pickupsa Pair 16 poles soapbar pickups
ElectronicsPassive vol, pan, and tone with coil tap
Very good looking Headless style BX-1 I owned for 12 years. It looks better than my Steinberger XL2, because the star shape look. Truss rod is quite easy to adjust and the neck keep straight all the time even the weather change. the headless strings installation is easy, and it does not need special double balls string like those Steinbergers, it save a lot of money. The sound is thicky deep, beefy tone eventhough it uses the passive electronics. The tone seems to be missing some highend crisp, a little lack of punchy power to slap, but not very disappoint from its passive electronic. The Yamaha special design soapbar is the same one using on MB-1, motion B bass, and the size it have are not able for me to upgrade. It does come with its onlt slim small case which is very easy to carry around. For those who interest to buy one like mine, make sue they have the perfect fit custom case that come with it, because this bass cannot fit in regular guitar gig bag like Steinberger X series does.
construction (100%)
very nice built
playability (95%)
it got the Jazz neck, fast and nice action
appearance (100%)
great head tuner, and eye ball poper
sound (95%)
value (98%)
way cheaper than Steinberger
overall (98%)
A must for Fender lover
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