BGRA: Mesa Boogie Diesel 210

Manufacturer Mesa Boogie Model Diesel 210
Reviewer Joe Rosenthal
Experience 13 Item owned 6 months to 1 year
Review Date 2002-01-10 Price paid $195.00
DimensionsSmaller than Eden's 210, but big enough
WeightGuessing around 60 pounds
Power300 Watts RMS
SpeakersCast Frame EV's and Foster Horn
Ohms8 Ohms
Other13 ply Birch Plywood and Black Tolex
I bought this floor model at a store in San Antonio that had lost the Boogie line and couldn't believe the price. I have always loved Boogie bass stuff but never considered a 210 until I saw the tag. I originally was running the cabinet with my Hartke 2000 and got a very good, but not great sound. Then I bought an Alembic F-1X and QSC power amp and the difference was like night and day! This thing rocks. I had no idea that I could get this much sound out of a 210 box. I like a big, deep, almost dub-style tone and have been pleasantly surprised at how well this cabinet achieves this. I even discovered the resonant frequency of my house! This cab is worth even the retail price ( you can't discount Boogie- that's why the store lost the line) and would recommend it to anyone. If you can find a good one used or the way I did, jump on it. Oh yeah, I set the thing on it's end and get great projection AND low end.
construction (98%)
VERY heavy duty. Only the Road-Ready would be better. Wiring very good, too. Tolex can tear, you kn
clarity (95%)
Great articulation and tone.
volume (95%)
much more than I expected but, put enough clean power into it.
portability (90%)
Fits in the back seat, but still heavy. A mark of quality in my book.
value (100%)
At my price! 90% at retail.
overall (95%)
Highly recommended
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