Manufacturer Ampeg Model SVT50 PRO ISOVENT
Reviewer Bill LaGreca
Experience Item owned
Review Date Price paid List $1000, Retail $799, Purchased for $500 NEW.
Dimensions29" H x 23.75" W x 18.75" D
Wattage600W rms @ 4 ohms (full range), 300W @ 8 ohms (biamped)
Speaker(s)Two 15" cast frame low frequency drivers in a vented isobaric enclosure
ControlsTweeter Attenuator, full range input jacks, Biamp input jacks
Othercomes with casters, 16 guage metal grill, made from void free plywood.
This is a very unique cabinet. I have heard that Ampeg discontinued the manufacturing of this cabinet due to low sales volume. I would say that since this has a unique design, it got 'looked over' by many players...because if you use your ears as a gauge, this cabinet sounds terrific. The 'uniqueness' comes from the way the two 15's are mounted, they are "clam shelled" and wired out of phase, so that a push-pull effect is acheived. The cabinet achieves great low end. I a/b'ed this cab with several others including the ampeg 4x10. I preferred the SVT50 hands down...much better bottom end. I should also note that I compared it to Hartke, Eden and Peavey cabinets. Of course, these are my opinions, but if you get a chance, try one and use your ears and not what the manufacturers are telling you what to buy. It's really a great design, and since they are out of production, the prices are good. The only negative point is the weight - this sucker is heavy - but comes with casters and two handles that don't break your wrist. E-mail me if you want more info. (editor's note: Bill's email address is available upon request)
construction (100%)
clarity (100%)
value (100%)
really an excellent value when compare to other high end cabs
overall (100%)
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