BGRA: Hughes & Kettner BC410

Manufacturer Hughes & Kettner Model BC410
Reviewer Jacy
Experience 14 Item owned 2-5 years
Review Date 2002-03-02 Price paid $1099
DimensionsH=24" W=28" D=18"
WeightApprox 100 lbs.
Power600 watts
Speakers4X10" Eminence with wizzer cones, One 8"X 6" CD horn
Ohms8 ohms
OtherVoid-free birch plywood, Hard coat texture sprayed (black) with greyish chrome metal grill and no wheels.
Constructed from the highest quality components, this cab is a fine example of true German quality. This cab screams professional quality inside and out. It has a very Hi-Fi sound over all, even while playing with the horn off, you are still able to get the warmest of bass tones with a little more high end extention than a normal 4X10" cab due to fact that the speakers have wizzer cones. It's built extra wide to make room for the larger than normal CD horn. The horn really makes this cab stand out and sound so much better on the top end compared to standard horn/tweeters. It would be almost impossible to switch back to them and not feel that your tone is being seriously compromised. I take these cabs everywhere I play (a must now) and never record without them. In studios, I get a better tone than the D.I. by micing one 10" speaker and the horn. Being larger than most 4X10" cabs, it has the benefit of pumping out extended lows with help from two large triangle ports on the front. It is an 8 ohm cab rated at 600 watts. I would recommend 600 watts or more to get this cab to reach it's full voulme potential. IT HAS NO 1/4 INCH INPUTS!!! Only Speakon and XLR. This is a killer sounding bass cab, it also looks amazing on stage. I get compliments on my bass tone every show. Live, I usualy mic a 10" and the horn, then mix them to sound just like the cab and wa-la, the same great bass tone through the PA only frighteningly louder and larger. Cool cabs.
construction (100%)
Right out of the box you won't believe the quality of these cabs. Very similar to pro touring PA ca
clarity (100%)
The extra large horn and wizzer cones make this one of the clearest and brighest cabs in the bass w
volume (95%)
Very loud, can break up a little when underpowering them with a low wattage amp.
portability (50%)
No wheels, I bet most people who own these put them into flight cases.
service (100%)
They sent me a new horn for free and it wasn't even blown! (found out my bass was the problem
value (95%)
German engineering and craftsmanship, these cabs are like the Mercedes of bass cabs.
overall (95%)
A great 4X10" cab.
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