BGRA: Fender BXR-100

Manufacturer Fender Model BXR-100
Reviewer Bill Dussing Email n
Experience 25+ Item owned 6 months to 1 year
Review Date 2001-12-15 Price paid $395.00
Dimensions25 x 21 x 13
Weight50 lb
Power100 watts RMS into 4 ohms?
Speakers1-15" Eminence
I originally purchased the Fender BXR-100 amp for my oldest son as his first amp. He used it for about two years. Last summer I became tired of lugging my SWR amp to practice, so I purchased a 100 watt Ampeg combo. My son took quite a shine to the new more expensive Ampeg. Being Dad I traded with him. What the hey it's only a practice amp I thought. Recently my SWR was taken ill and had to be rushed to the factory for treatment. To make matters worse, I had several big gigs coming up. Being brave I threw caution to the wind and took the amp to the first gig, expecting to be run through the board, with the Fender for a monitor only. At the gig, I set the amp on my SWR SOB bottom (a $400 amp on a $500 amp stand - why not!? ) plugged in and adjusted the EQ. During sound check, prior to setting line levels, I cranked the amp and played our standard sound check tune. Much to my surprise the amp was not muddy or mushy, but sounded amazingly like the sound I had been trying to get from the SWR. The amp sounded thick, clean with just a hint of distortion. (Just like the late 70s Bassman 100 of yor, I loved so much as a lad) In addition, I found that the amp resonated, making playing effortless. I WAS IN LOVE! For being only 100 watts, the amp cut through the mix nicely. With a slight adjustment I found the amp capable of reproducing the coveted McCartney tone. Boost the highs and cut the mid a little and popping and slapping are a charm. Take note: This amp is not a stand alone heavy metal amp and is not ment to compete with a Marshall stack, although both my gi-tar players use Marshalls. Max volume is achieved with both the pre amd post gain on about "5". After that the amp only distorts without getting louder. My last three gigs I ran through the Fender amp only, with a trace through the board. This amp is a fantastic bargain, and sounds great. I give it nine thumbs up. I like the amp so much, I may even sell my SWR Super Redhead and SOB and use the Fender BXR-100 as my main amp.
construction (95%)
clarity (95%)
versatility (95%)
volume (90%)
portability (95%)
value (100%)
overall (95%)
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