BGRA: Aria Pro II Magna Series

Manufacturer Aria Model Pro II Magna Series
Reviewer David Ferreira
Experience 3 Item owned 1-2 years
Review Date 2004-08-25 Price paid 200
Bass type4 string fretted
Neck joinBolt-On
Neck constructionwood? 1 piece
Fingerboardwood? scale_wood? 24frets
Bodywood? 1 piece
FinishLackered Wood Grain
I bought this bass second hand. It gets the job done and is pretty good value for money... It has a sweet Ibanez like design, nice thin body, pretty light too, so it doesnt weigh down on your even after a few hours playing...

Its of pretty solid construction, the neck is nice and thin making it easier to learn on, the hand seems to move nicely over it, making it an overall fast neck.

The Bridge is kinda dodgy, looks crappy, but it works... The tuners keep tune nicely, dont slide off-tune easily like some,

the sound is pretty good for the price, though its pickups are passive, it still has quite a nice sound... not too bad for slapping, though it misses the punch of the active pickups... mostly, Id recomend using it for heavier music, not so much Jazz or Funk.

construction (85%)
playability (85%)
appearance (75%)
sound (75%)
value (85%)
overall (75%)
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