BGRA: Fender Bassman 400h

Manufacturer Fender Model Bassman 400h
Reviewer Erik Kristjansson Email n
Experience 6 Item owned 1-6 months
Review Date 2002-01-24 Price paid $799.99
Dimensionsheight: 6 7/8", width 23" , depth 15.5"
Weight42 lbs
Power350 watts
This thing is awesome. I have it hooked up to a Bassman 410h cabinet and a Bassman 115h cabinet and it sounds stellar. Tons of headroom with these cabs, but not a good head for eden or swr cabs. The tone is punchy, loud and bright. This rig sounds every bit as good as an Eden Road Runner with a D-410t and a D-115..and its about half the price, and weighs a lot less...what more could you ask for in a head? Features include tuner mute, di out, semi parametric EQ, eq gain, room balance, 1 rack space (tuner), compressor, line out level, EQ enhance plus more...
construction (95%)
Replace Tolex with carpet and it would get 100%
clarity (100%)
Amazingly crisp, at low or high volumes.
versatility (100%)
Sounds great with ANY bass.
volume (100%)
Loud as hell...your ears ring when its at 4.
service (95%)
Fender are busy, but take care of business!
value (100%)
Cheaper than the competition and sounds as good, if not better!
overall (98%)
Again..the tolex and the fact that it doent fit into a rack space keeps it down.
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