BGRA: Cort GB 74 OPN

Manufacturer Cort Model GB 74 OPN
Reviewer Martin Iudica Email
Experience 3 Item owned Less than 1 month
Review Date 2005-10-13 Price paid 435,-€
Bass type4 string fretted
Neck joinBolt-On
Neck constructionone piece maple neck
Fingerboard20 fret maple fingerboard
Body2 piece swamp ash
Finishopen pore natural
PickupsMighty Mite MuMan humbuker in bridge postion and Jazz Singlecoil in neck position
HardwareHipshot licensed tuners, chrome/satin chrome
Electronics2 band active eq with mid boost switch, pickup mode selector and active/passive push/pull volume pot
I bought this bass less then a week ago, have played it in the store several times before though and i just loved the variety of sound it offers. But first things first:


The construction is very good except for a slight gap between neck and body where both are bolted together, as the gap is smaller than one millimeter it's just cosmetic though. The neck is a typical JazzBass neck. A bit wider then on Ibanez' soundgear basses, though thinner as a Stingray or Precision's neck. The fretwork was done very good, no sharp edges anywhere, the maple fingerboard is glued on the mapleneck and has a white binding on it's sides, with black dot markers and trapezium shaped abalone inlays. The body has the typical JazzBass shape, headstock and neck are made of the same piece of wood and the neck is bolted on with four screws without baseplate.

As for the elctronics the GB74 features a J-singlecoil ind neck and a MuMan humbucker in vridge position. next to the humbucker are two mini switches, one three-way switch that toggles the pickup mode (bridge singlecoil/humbucker/neck siglecoil) of the humbucker and a two-way switch which applies a mid boost around 400Hz or 800Hz. Furthermore you find a two-band eq, a pickup balance cotrol and the volume pot which puts the bass in passive mode when pulled.


I'll start it of in passive mode. With the balnce knob and the pickup-mode switch you already get a lot of different sounds here, they are rather silent as they aren't amplified before leaving towards the amp (that's what passive means really). You will find many different sounds, all a bit jazzy, due to the singlecoil up front and the splittable humbucker. When in humbucking mode, put the baöance on the rear pickup and enjoy, the bass pushes our a powerful growl, perfect for fingerstyle funk and rock, the singlecoils on their own sound a bit thin and when combined the sound gets funkier yet even more quiet, so that's not really convenient.

At the push of a button (i.e. the volume pot) the sound gets meatier, mor low end, more highs, the overall volume rises but that growly midrange remains. Among the vast amount of choices you have, I have two favorite presets.

Dial in both pickups, set the humbucker to singlecoil mode (the one that's nearer to the neck), fully turn up both eq knobs and get a pick. This is one of THE most used and heard sounds in punkrock, just meatier, like a JazzBass on steroids.

Another favorite of mine uses just the humbucker as a humbucker, bass fully turned up and he highs in normal position. This sound gives you the growl of the passive humbucker sound with more bass and real nice punch, perfect for new nu metal/nu rock or fingerstyle punk/rock/funk.

This bass does just about everything; use the rear singlecoil of the humbucker with flat eq and mid boost, very punchy sound, a bit jaco like, fatter though.

The only thing that i dislike a bit is the massive boost of the 400Hz range when you flick the midboost switch, it's just way too much in some settings. Also i have a slight ground noise problem, now don't get me wrong, the bass is perfect, they even connected the conductive lacquer ariund the pickups to ground, but i get a humming sound as soon as i put my finger on the pickups (not the polepieces themselves obviously). While this could get a pain in the ass in the studio, it just doen't matter on stage, really.

All in all I love this bass, I have tested it against many other basses but none of them sounded the least like the Cort GB 74, not even om higher price ranges. (I thought of the Flea signature bass: "Who the hell would spend 3000€ for this crap?" ;)

If you have any further questions about this reaview, go ahead, email me.

So long!

construction (85%)
slight gap where the neck is bolted on <1mm
playability (90%)
great neck, well balanced, no sharp edges
appearance (90%)
plain and simple opn, looks simple, i like that
sound (90%)
everything from jazzy sizzling to thumping lows
value (95%)
less then my Ibanez SRX500 and sounds way better
overall (90%)
really big bang for the buck, not only for beginners
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