BGRA: Carvin LB 75F

Manufacturer Carvin Model LB 75F
Reviewer Mike Boraczek
Experience 6 Item owned 1-2 years
Review Date 2005-08-24 Price paid 525
Bass type5 string fretless
Neck joinNeck Through
Neck constructionSolid Koa
FingerboardKoa w/ ebony fingerboard, 24fret, 34 scale
Body2 solid Koa wings that match neck through
Finishtung oil finish
Pickups2 Carvin J99 pickup
HardwareStandard Carvin Gold
Electronicsstock 9v active preamp - 3 band EQ, PU fader, and volume
I picked this one up on ebay nearly pristine -- slight buckle rash and slight string wear around the 2nd and 3rd fret. It had a bit of a growl with the round wounds it came with. I strung it with a set of Rotosound flat wound jazz bass strings. That mellowed the tone allot. Very jazzy. It also gave the bass a different feel --one that I became accustomed to very quickly. The strings are stiffer and less flexible, but the action is fast fitting to a fretless (if that makes sense) and slides are effortless. But you give up the growl. Enough about the strings. This was my fourth Carvin. I have a XB75p in mahogany. It's the long scale version of this guitar. Very sweet, but a totally different animal.-- the tone is completely different, it heavier. Any way... I also have a BB75 all Koa. It is a funk machine -- unmatched in tone and playability by anything I have picked up. But I only play funk for fun. I went looking a J fretless -- something that would fit the genre I gig weekend -- and I wanted that Koa tone. I found this one and it quickly became my favorite bass. I played it every day and gigged with it every weekend for about a year ... until I found a Carvin AC-50F -- all Koa with a spruce top. The Koa LB75F is still my favorite, but I've gigging with the acoustic for the past 2 months. If you haven't figured it out, Koa is my tone wood of choice. It is an exotic wood and it adds 3 or 4 hundred to the price of a guitar (new). So you might have a hard time finding a Koa bass in your local guitar shop. If you want to get an idea of the tonal differences between Koa and mahogany, you'll have a better chance finding a Koa acoustic guitar and a similar Mahogany counterpart in the high Acoustic guitar booth of the larger guitar stores.
construction (100%)
playability (100%)
The neck shape is different than most. Go play one before you buy.
appearance (100%)
sound (100%)
value (100%)
overall (100%)
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