BGRA: Samick Artist Series

Manufacturer Samick Model Artist Series
Reviewer Bob
Experience 16 Item owned A very, very long ti
Review Date 2005-12-01 Price paid 100.00 (used)
Bass type4 string fretted
Neck joinBolt-On
Neck constructionBolt on.
FingerboardLight colored wood
FinishShiny Black
Pickups1 split P-type
ElectronicsPassive, 1 tone knob, 1 volume knob
I have used this bass for over ten years, actively gigging. I can't say it is the best bass in the world, but it worked adequately for a 50's/60's band. It is somewhat limited in what it can do with only the one tone knob and pickup, and it is not very loud. There is not a lot of treble involved either, but it did the job.

It would be great for a beginner, or someone who doesn't need to alter the sound a lot. It is pretty durable, as I jump around a lot when performing, and the only trouble I have had has been a small amount of fret buzzing. The tuning knobs have kept it in tune through thick and thin. After a while of playing, however, I noticed that it wasn't the best bass in the world and got myself another when money allowed it. For the price I paid, it was outstanding.

construction (75%)
Withstood many jolts and jumps and bangs.
playability (85%)
Plays very well, with a little bit of fret buzz in some spots.
appearance (90%)
It looks nice, and held up well.
sound (50%)
The sound is good for warm tones, but lacks treble and variability.
value (100%)
$100USD used is a great price for this puppy.
overall (85%)
It has been a good friend over the years.
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