BGRA: Bergantino HT210

Manufacturer Bergantino Model HT210
Reviewer Bob Kennedy Email n
Experience 28 Item owned 6 months to 1 year
Review Date 2002-07-30 Price paid 750
Dimensions18"H, 22-3/4"W, 18"D
Weight64 lbs.
Power400 watts rms
Speakers2 X 10 w/high intelligibility tweeter
Ohms8 ohm
I purchased this cabinet nearly a year ago from Ed Lowd at Bass World/Dixie Music in Kentucky (Great place to do business...always good advice, even if it means less of a sale for them). I've been using it as an extension speaker for an SWR Redhead supercombo along with an Aguilar DB680 preamp. I did not have a chance to hear the cab before buying, so I was really going on faith to spend as much as some 4X10's for a 2X10. I can honestly say I have never heard my basses sound so rich and audiophile clean thru any other speaker enclosures except maybe very high end PA or recording gear. The transducers and crossover are of the highest quality. The best part about owning the Bergie is that I don't have to spend 20 - 30 minutes tweaking parametrics to try and dial in a decent tone. The Bergantino makes it effortless to get a big, punchy, brilliant tone quickly that doesn't fatigue your ears. It truly 'makes up' for lousy acoustics. I mostly play in worship environments and these rooms are notorious for acoustics designed for vox and choirs, but not modern rhythm sections. I've received nothing but praise from soundtechs and audience alike. My only problem is that the SWR doesn't really provide the power that this cab desires. So I've ordered the Aguilar DB750 and a Bergantino 3X10 cab. Construction of the enclosure is great. Handles are positioned for relatively easy moving. By the way, I am typically skeptical of product reviews that don't find at least something wrong with a product. I can not find anything negative or even mediocre to say about this cabinet. In real world application; my fingers, basses and the bands I play with, have never sounded better; and I am playing better than ever as a result.
construction (100%)
2nd to none
clarity (100%)
speaks beautifully
volume (100%)
bigger than some 4X10's
portability (100%)
piece of cake
service (100%)
stellar, Jim promptly returns calls and emails
value (100%)
you get what you pay for
overall (100%)
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