BGRA: Peavey Fury (the Old Ones)

Manufacturer Peavey Model Fury (the Old Ones)
Reviewer Ted van Beek Email
Experience 40+ Item owned A very, very long ti
Review Date 2006-10-31 Price paid $100-200
Bass type4 string fretted
Neck joinBolt-On
Neck constructionCNC Bi-Maple
FingerboardMaple, 22 frets, 34" scale
BodySwamp ash, some are maple
Finishclear, natural, or poly
PickupsPeavey (single, slant 4 or split)
HardwareUgly elephants
I have a bunch of these, fretted and de-fretted. They're all over the place - just so if I need to try something on the spur of a moment, I have a bass at hand.It's my go-to P-bass guitar. Cheap, solid, you can make a living with these.
construction (100%)
some are like 25 years old now - and no need to replace them
playability (100%)
Not even an issue
appearance (85%)
It's a P-bass! What ya want?
sound (100%)
live or studio - it just works for me
value (100%)
Check the prices, it really doesn't get better than this
service (100%)
The guys there LOVE their instruments
overall (100%)
I can't imagine needing something else when it comes to a P-type
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