BGRA: Carvin Icon 5

Manufacturer Carvin Model Icon 5
Reviewer Mike Pruzensky Email
Experience 7 Item owned 1-2 years
Review Date 2007-02-24 Price paid $1526
Bass type5 string fretted
Neck joinNeck Through
Neck constructionmaple neck with walnut stripes (the maple is slightly flamed on the back :) )
Fingerboardebony, 24 frets, 34'
Bodyalder, flamed maple top
Finishclear satin, tung oil neck
PickupsCarvin Soap Bars
HardwareHipshot A bridge
Electronicsactive, mid freq and sweep controls, bass and treble, volume (active + passive knob), pickups.
First of all, this is a fantastic bass. The construction is flawless. Also, It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen; Carvin always supplies superb woods.

Plays beautifully, I feel like I'm running my hands over silk, its so nice and easy to play.

The sound: magnificent. Carvin soap bars are pretty bright, plus I've got a primarily maple bass with stainless steel strings, so its on the bright side. Not to worry, within 5 seconds I solved that problem thanks to active EQ. Any sound can be coaxed from electronics, and they all sound FANTASTIC!!!

the only thing I would change is my neck wood: if I had known better I'd have gotten mahogany instead of maple (I like darker sounding basses)

ALSO: I dunno about customer service a few years ago, but now its outstanding. I'd bought a used LB75 from their store a few months prior to this bass. Took it home, had a few problems, took it back, told em' it had problems, and they took it back with no questions asked. Gave me a full refund (which I ended up spending on the Icon I'm writing about.)

construction (100%)
playability (100%)
appearance (100%)
sound (100%)
value (100%)
service (100%)
overall (100%)
buy this bass. You will NOT be dissapointed.
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