BGRA: Peavey TNT-130

Manufacturer Peavey Model TNT-130
Reviewer Todd Menard Email n
Experience 7 1/2 Item owned 2-5 years
Review Date 2002-06-24 Price paid $276.00
Dimensions24"X24"X10" ???
Power130 Watts
Speakers1X15" Black Widow
OtherTolex covering
This was my VERY first amp. I bought it used in 1995 at a small music store in my city (this was prior to Mars, Guitar Center, and Sam Ash setting up camp in South Florida). It was in pretty good condition when I purchased it, with no tears in the tolex, or broken knobs. It was just dusty from sitting in the store. Once getting it home, I plugged in my new Fender (Mexican) P-Bass and went to town. Being this was my first amp and I was new at bass, I thought this was the greatest amp ever. It was a real round and warm sounding amp, yet it had enough bass to shake everything off the shelves in my room. This bass went a lot of places with me, and survived shipping to England (I was stationed there 1 year after purchasing this amp). I played in a cover band when I was overseas and the Peavey handled everything like a champ. I played Bush to White Zombie through it and never had a problem. When I was leaving England, I sold it for $5.00 less than I paid for it. As my skill increased, so did my need for better tone. This amp is perfect for the beginning bassist (It also does well with country and blues). It's simple to use, with no frills. It also has enough power for most band situations. The best part about this amp is it's durability. The tolex surface was very tough and never ripped. My amp had beer splashed on it, and it never failed. Lastly, it's a Peavey, and they make some pretty solid stuff. On the other hand it's tone is extremely flat, and any sort of slapping is laughable. At normal band volumes, the EQ would clip a lot. It was a pretty heavy amp considering that the smart folks at Peavey only put one handle on the top. Also, the small dimensional depth of the cab made for some weak bass response. lastly, once the chrome metal corners were scratched, they were prone to rust. This is a great starting amp for the rookie bassist who wants to play in a band. This is also well suited for the veteran blues or country bassist who doesn't need high volumes to cut through distorted guitar. It's simple and quality is okay. Make sure you have something to roll this on or you'll be visiting more chiropractors than venues!
construction (75%)
Built well. Better corners and grill needed
clarity (50%)
bit muddy, but it's a 15"
versatility (75%)
Well suited for blues or country
volume (75%)
Good for smaller bands or churches
portability (75%)
it's a pretty tall box
value (75%)
Great for the beginner
overall (75%)
Nothing special, but very simple
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