BGRA: Fender Japan Jazz bass Special Fretless 1987

Manufacturer Fender Japan Model Jazz bass Special Fretless 1987
Reviewer Patrick
Experience 25 Item owned 2-5 years
Review Date 2007-12-14 Price paid 350 w case
Bass type4 string fretless
Neck joinBolt-On
Neck constructionMaple neck Micro tilt , Graphite nut
FingerboardRosewood or Pau Ferro Unlined
BodySolid black can't say. No pickguard
FinishBlack with matching headstock
PickupsFender passive P/J polepieces 6mm
HardwareFender all Black hardware
ElectronicsV/V/T , 3-way switch, TBX control
This is a Precision body with Jazz bass fretless neck. All original. All black. Medium weight, rock solid built. I am a true fan of 90's fretless Fenders from Japan, they are well crafted and have no fretlines. This bass plays very well, very low action is possible. Even played it B.E.A.D. Pickups seem overwound, somewhat "HOT" ,larger polepieces, better than I see on most Japanese Fenders. They sound ok but not a big OK! When I got the bass, it sounded squeeky with both pickups on. I changed polarity of the Jazz pickup, which was a great improvement. I am still in search for better pickups. Fitted a better bridge for more sustain (no drilling needed). I play stainless roundwounds but Fingerboard shows not much wear (after 20 Years!) I had to replace the jack output, which was a cheap plastic thing.(they made these basses also with active electronics so there is a switch inside the jack). This bass has TBX control, but I can do with a normal tone pot. 3-way switch for pickups is useless, and move wacky, with a loud "click". 2 x volume pot will do the trick for me. 350,- is a steal in my opinion, it's gaining value already. High quality from Fender, will compete with USA made.
construction (98%)
Built like a tank
playability (95%)
LOW action
appearance (98%)
Black Stealth Batman's Bass?
sound (90%)
Pickups/electronics could be better
value (95%)
Still affordable, but increasing value Buy now!
overall (90%)
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