BGRA: Parker Fly 5 string

Manufacturer Parker Model Fly 5 string
Reviewer Mike A
Experience 20+ Item owned Less than 1 month
Review Date 2012-05-15 Price paid $1300
Bass type5 string fretted
Neck joinSet Neck
Neck constructionWood fiber and reinforced carbon fiber
FingerboardCarbon fiber/epoxy
BodyMaple (quilt) and carbon fiber
FinishRed gloss
PickupsDiMarzio and Fishman piezo
Purchased used. Light weight (it's a Parker Fly...) but not as light as I would have thought. Beautiful finish. It is so sensitive that I have had to adapt my playing style and string attack considerably. If you just look at it hard it makes a noise... The sound - oh, the sound is wonderful. Just about anything you are looking for is here somewhere between the DiMarzio pickups and the Fishman piezo. I thought I had played a low B that had presence and clarity but not like this. The neck is thin and extremely playable. It is very comfortable and the first time I plugged it in the others with me just smiled! They are hard to find but if you can get hold of one, I think just about anybody would love it. I know I seem to be "gushing" but it really is that good!
construction (100%)
I simply cannot find any faults.
playability (98%)
It is extremely sensitive.
appearance (100%)
Unusual, but I personally love its' appearance.
sound (100%)
If I could give it above 100% I would.
value (100%)
Buy used - if you can find one. USA only!
service (100%)
Called for info at Parker before buying and they were extremely helpful.
overall (100%)
I can't believe it get's better that this.
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