BGRA: Yamaha 115B

Manufacturer Yamaha Model 115B
Reviewer Tonto
Experience 2 Item owned Less than 1 month
Review Date 2003-04-07 Price paid $80 (Australian)
DimensionsArpox 1m H x 1m W x 30cm D
WeightBloody Heavy
Speakersone 15" speaker
OtherBuilt in distortion, Very good condition, probably made in 1975
This is my first serious amp, my first amp being a little 25 watt Marshall. Its Solid State, and for 1975 it sounds pretty damn good. Physically its just a huge box, with the controls at the top, followed by about a metre of fabric, and under that is a port, and below that the wheels. Its also got a base underneath the port which is good as a shelf for leads, effects, tuner whatever. Its got a high and low input, and hits the bass frequency's for all its got. It can put a bit of a punch in the middle, but the high dosen't really compete with the bass, although if you fiddle with the bright you can overcome that to an extent. Intrestingly it has built in distortion, which provides a classic fuzz for the E and A strings, but the D and G strings sound terrible. Although combined with my Boss Overdrive (or any other good distort pedal I guess) this thing really performs. On the back you can plug in a foot switch and its also got a rec out, which dosen't shut off the main speaker, so if 100 watts isn't powerful enough, plug it into a couple of other amps as well. All in all they perform pretty well against any other 15" combo out today, so if you see one at that vintage 1975 price, still with a good speaker, it might just be for you.
construction (90%)
only the wheels had to be replaced
clarity (85%)
Good at the lower frequencys, loses a bit on the highs at the highs
versatility (85%)
With a pedal or two you can go anywhere
volume (95%)
Good as 100 watts gets
portability (50%)
If it didn't have the wheels you'd bust your spine
service (50%)
I tried to look it up on there website but I couldnt find it
value (100%)
It was second hand, but used very little, only 80 australian dollars
overall (95%)
100 watts of good reliable power, at a good price
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