BGRA: SWR Black Beauty

Manufacturer SWR Model Black Beauty
Reviewer S. Cornish
Experience 25 Item owned 1-6 months
Review Date 2003-07-07 Price paid $999.00
Dimensions26(H) X 23 (W) X 18(D)
Weight95 lbs
Power350 @ 4 ohms
Speakers1 x 15" plus Foster Horn
OtherTypical SWR Construction (built like a tank)
Purchased as a more portable rig for rehearsal & small gigs. Not a big fan of 15's. Too bassy and lack punch in critical mid-range. Sub-Wave performs better than any other I've tried. Tube pre-amp adds warmth and a touch of growl if driven to the edge. Like all 15 combo's I've used, it is too bass heavy however, using my Raven Labs PHA-1 pre-amp sweetens the mids tremendously and allows for a little overdrive of the Beauty pre-amp. I wouldn't own a Black Beauty without the Raven! The down side of this combo is the weight. I does have casters which are great if you don't have stairs to deal with. It's probably worth the ruptured disc's if your goal is SWR tone in a combo package. I use SWR and only SWR for all my gigs and receive consistent compliments on my sound...yes...even guitar players notice. In my mind SWR stands for Superior Workmanship & Reliability.
construction (100%)
Looks heavy....It is heavy
clarity (95%)
Sounds heavy...It is heavy
versatility (90%)
As good as a 15 & horn can be
volume (90%)
portability (75%)
value (100%)
overall (95%)
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