BGRA: G&L L2000

Manufacturer G&L Model L2000
Reviewer P Raphaelson 3yrs
Experience Item owned
Review Date Price paid $1100
Neck Typemaple, 2-piece, 6-bolts, optional "#6" jazz bass style neck.
Fingerboardrosewood, fretted
Body Typealder, 2-piece
Finishpolyester, tobacco sunburst
Pickup(s)2 g&l humbuckers
Controlspassive volume, bass, trebble knobs, preamp switch, series-parallel switch, pickup select switch
EMail : I spent about a year getting frustrated shopping for basses. I tried a myriad of fenders and knock-offs, and even some high-end bases including Sadowsky, Pensa-Suhr, Lakland, and MTD. I really liked the MTD but didn't have $3500 in my pocket. The G&L, though, was a revelation. I hated the standard neck (really wide and flat) but the jazz-style neck on another model was perfect, so I special ordered it on the L2000. This bass is in a completely different league from anything else in the price range that I tried. In terms of quality and sound it just demolishes anything by Fender. The range of tones it can give you is very broad, and it gets them organically (by pickup selection, pickup configuration, running it active or passive) not with radical eq. The result is that the natural woody, deep, growly sound of the instrument is preserved through all the settings. In active mode his bass cuts through a dense mix better than ANYTHING I've played. It really makes itself heard. In passive mode it mellows out and sounds more like a vintage fender, but with a little more bottom and more edge. A very impressive instrument. I'm still figuring out its nuances. Don't be frightened by the little switches; they're really very simple and useful once you get what they're about. Caveats: the control cavity is unshielded and looks like something you'd get in the mail from the unabomber. Mine picked up the radio loudly. I had a local tech shield it and clean up the wiring and now it's very quiet. Also, G&L gave me the worst customer service imaginable when I placed my special order. They messed up everything repeatedly. Hope you're lucky enough to find what you want at the store.
construction (95%)
great except for the messy electronics. brilliant hardware.
playability (98%)
perfect neck.
appearance (100%)
sound (100%)
value (100%)
overall (98%)
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