Manufacturer SWR Model 550X
Reviewer Mark Dondero Email n
Experience some Item owned Less than 1 month
Review Date 2003-12-10 Price paid $999.00
Power550 watts
Otherbeautiful polished face
Ordered my SWR 550X after much research. I have a Workingmans 10 as a portable rig and found it the best of its class. A friend ordered one as well after hearing mine and uses it with his keyboard. I am playing a Rickenbacker 4003 with the 550X through a Boogie '15 which is a borrowed cabinet. Sounds good if your into '15's, but I am looking forward to my next purchase an Ampeg 410HLF. As for the sound with the Boogie, its incredible. The warm smooth tone that comes out is typical tube. The owner of the Boogie pushs it with a Mesa Enginering 300watt full tube amp and it sounds good, but muddy. The SWR has picked up the slop and tightened up the transient, and gave the cabinet some punch with definition. While retaining the warm sound of the Mesa, the 550X has hopped up the bottom end and presents more of a punch. The tone of this amp is awesome although it takes awhile to dial in the sound I want. My ONLY criticism is that the speaker defeat should be on the front of the amp so it can be accessed easily while in a rack. Oh, and the price could be cheaper! :)
construction (100%)
quality apparent everywhere
clarity (100%)
excellent tone
versatility (98%)
not too much preamp controls, just right
volume (90%)
not the loudest, but sufficient
value (95%)
not the best bang for the buck, but choice!
overall (98%)
love it!
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