BGRA: Avatar B210 NEO

Manufacturer Avatar Model B210 NEO
Reviewer Eric Gould
Experience 20 Item owned Less than 1 month
Review Date 2004-10-28 Price paid $239.00
Weight44 lbs
Power600 watts
Speakers(2) 10' Neodymium by Eminence
Ohms8 ohm
OtherBest built cabinet I've owned in 20 years.
About 3 months ago, I blew the speakers in my Peavey 210TX cabinet. I had read stellar reviews about the Avatar gear on many different review sites, and decided to replace the blown stock Peavey speakers with the Eminence Delta 10's from Avatar - which made a tremendous improvement in tone - not to mention sheer power handling ability. This really warmed me up to the notion of ordering a complete 2x10 cabinet from Avatar. After reading about the benefits of today's newer neodymium speakers, I decided to take a leap of faith over traditional heavy magnets and order up a B210 NEO from Dave. I am SO glad I did!

I am floored with this cabinets tone!!! What I love most about this cabinet(apart from its TONE) is the sheer transparency of it - it is NOT colored in any way, what you hear is the true sound of your bass. I am running a Musicman Stingray 5 through this cabinet, with a grin from ear to ear! The balance of lows, mids, and highs are perfect. Plus, the efficiency ratings of these speakers are just out of this world! I've read other reviews that say this cabinet sounds as good if not better than Eden, SWR, Bergantino cabinets - you'd better believe it does!! It as hi-fi and transparent as any brand out there - period. It will also do "Old School" very well if you keep the Foster tweeter rolled off. I was a little hesitant at first against ordering these relatively new (to the bass market) Neodymium speakers vs. traditional, heavy magnets speakers. One of the industry high-marks used to be hyping what a massive & heavy magnet structure was installed on the back of the driver. That's all changed now and for the better, says I. These Neo's are rated MUCH lower frequency wise than the original Eminence Delta 10's I dropped into my Peavey 210 box. The frequency range now extends from 55 hz up to 16k and the extra range equates into a warmer and more fuller sounding cabinet than ever before! Do NOT hesitate to try out the Neodymium speakers - I've glimpsed the future, and it is GOOD!

P.S. - I ordered a second B210 NEO after 1 week of owning this first cabinet (they are that good)!!!


construction (100%)
Makes any other 210 cabinet I've owned look anemic in comparison!!
clarity (100%)
Hi-fi & transparent - can also do Old-School very well!
volume (100%)
Are u kidding me? No shortage of volume here!
portability (100%)
Lightest 210 box you'll ever find!
service (100%)
Dave, you are the best in the business!
value (100%)
Avatar speakers are setting the new high-mark in the cabinet industry!
overall (100%)
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