BGRA: Thunderfunk TFB-420

Manufacturer Thunderfunk Model TFB-420
Reviewer Joe Meyer Email jome77 at
Experience 30 Item owned 1-6 months
Review Date 2004-09-03 Price paid 900
Dimensions17" w X 3 1/2" h x 10" d
Weight15 lbs.
Power400 watts RMS @ 4 ohms
OtherEnhance, Timbre, defeatable Limiter, DI output, 2 effects loops
The Thunderfunk TFB-420 is a direct descendent of the AMP BH-420, redesigned and improved by Dave Funk. I purchased this amp without ever getting the opportunity to play through it. Thunderfunk advertised a 7-day money back guarantee (on their web-site) so I figured the most I could lose would be shipping costs. I had heard so many good comments on the amp that I though it was worth the risks. I certainly wasn't disappointed! Immediately upon arrival I connected the amp to a SWR Goliath Jr. III cabinet, turned all EQ controls to "flat", plugged in a bass and got a great warm and punchy tone. The "Enhance" control (i.e. SWR) can quickly take you from a great finger style sound to a killer slap/pop sound! The "Timbre" control is excellent for quickly varying the mid freq's to accommodate different basses (Particularly fretted/fretless) or to go from a full to a punchy tone. Both controls provide complex adjustments of both treble and bass controls on a single knob. I've not really used the 4-band semi-parametric much yet but from just playing around with them they are capable of subtle or drastic variations in the tone. Over the years I’ve owned various high-end bass amplification equipment. More recently I’ve used SWR, Eden, Mesa and preamp/power amp (Alembic/Demeter/Stewart) units. While they were all capable of getting good sounds, the sound that I get from the Thunderfunk sits in the live mix better than any of my previous amps. Regardless of which bass I use, I can quickly get a great tone out of the amp via the “Enhance” and /or “Timbre” controls. The Thunderfunk is without a doubt the best sounding amp that I’ve ever played through!
construction (100%)
clarity (100%)
versatility (100%)
volume (95%)
Optimal headroom using a 4 ohm cabinet
service (100%)
Dave Funk has answered every e-mail sent
value (100%)
overall (98%)
Nothings perfect. Closest I've seen!
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