BGRA: Fender Bassman 115H

Manufacturer Fender Model Bassman 115H
Reviewer Dave
Experience 15 Item owned 1-6 months
Review Date 2005-01-21 Price paid 179.00
Dimensions26 x 24 x 14 (APPROX)
Power150 continuous, 300 program
Speakers15" Eminence Driver
I was in search of a more traditional bass sound. This cabinet has filled that bill very nicely. Very smooth tone from top to bottom, no boomy notes. Handles the low B on my Music Man V very nicely. It has surprising high end for a 15" with no tweeter. I do not like much treble in my bass tone and was still always having to cut highs/mids to minimize string noise in my 2x10's. Now, I can open the eq up and am getting a very nice, characteristic 'growl' from my bass. Also serves nicely as an extension cabinet for my 2x10's. Musicians Friend had this on close-out for $179! Too good a deal to pass up in my opinion- I couldn't by a 15" driver and build a plywood cabinet myself for anywhere near that price.

One complaint, the handles are somewhat lacking. Fortunately, I seldom move my rig but, anyone who will be travelling with this cabinet will probably want to change the handles. They are just poorly designed.

I highly recommend this bass cabinet.

construction (98%)
Handles are the only weak link I've found
clarity (100%)
volume (98%)
portability (85%)
value (98%)
overall (95%)
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