BGRA: carvin r600

Manufacturer carvin Model r600
Reviewer jeffrey burkhart
Experience 8 Item owned A very, very long ti
Review Date 2005-04-05 Price paid 600
Dimensions2 rack space
Weight20lbs ??
Powerstereo 300 watts per channel (600) total
Othernoise gate, compressor, and bi amp crossover
i was nieve about the whole bass realm when i got this amp. at the time 600 dollars was a lot of money, and i thought i was doing the right thing. this was my first bass amp. i used this with an old sunn 215 cab. it seemed to rock house parties. oh yeah, i forgot to mention it broke right out of the box. i unplugged my bass and the hot 1/4inch jack touched a piece of metal of a guitar stand. oops, carvin fixed it under warranty. it seemed loud, i was playing in a blues band at the time. then i decided to metal. this amp just couldn't keep up with band. i beat up the 215 cab and replaced with carvins 210 and 118 cab. i think i really wanted to like this amp, but i didn't. it failed again and i sent it back. they repaired it again. since the eight years i've had this amp, i've had it repaired 5 times, twice warrenty and three with local tech guy, he resoldered the whole board, telling me that the manufacture wouldn't ever do the job right. i traveled with this rig, and been in numerous bands with it, it was only amazing in small venues at low volumes. garages at best. towards the end i swore i would never take it in anymore, and that i would only do the work myself. i hated this amp and wanted it to die. with the tube circuitry making noise, i decided to bypass it and take it out. it worked a bit longer only to blow out while in a recording session. i proceeded to punch in the front with railroad nails before the song ended, so the construction was kind of weak.

all in all i learned how to play bass with this amp, and i know what i am looking for in the head. i am a tone freak and will never own anything solid state or hybrid.

construction (75%)
i destroyed it
clarity (50%)
big fart
versatility (75%)
not for heavy metal
volume (75%)
not metal
service (75%)
they fixed, to break again
value (85%)
bang for buck
overall (75%)
a cheap amp is a cheap amp
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