BGRA: SWR Goliath II

Manufacturer SWR Model Goliath II
Reviewer Peter Cheevers
Experience 19 Item owned A very, very long ti
Review Date 2005-03-14 Price paid 600
DimensionsSmall, but deep.
Weight89lbs ish
Speakers10" SWR drivers, 4 of them.
OtherBlack "fur"
What a great cab. I've used this for about 10 years doing various gigs and styles and it has never let me down. I've used it mainly with an SWR Studio 220, but also with a vintage marshall head (for that crusty vintage growl) and now as part of an Eden rig. This cab can blow out some serious bottom if needed, but the thing I love about it, is how detailed and presise the sound can be at higher volumes. Outstanding sound if clean but punchy is your thing. I blew one speaker about a month after I got it (new) and it took me another gig to notice. It was replaced by the dealer I bought it from, no questions. I've had no other issues since then. The rear port is a weird one. I find, if you back it up close to a wall (1 to 2 feet away) the bottom "wind" just bounces back off the wall, it sounds really great. At open air gig's though, if there's nothing behind the cab for the "wind" to bounce off, it can sound a bit lost. One slight down point is the fur started peeling off after several years of gigging, but a low heat iron and some craft glue soon fixed that. Overall though, great cab, great cab, outstanding cab.
construction (100%)
solid as a rock, really!
clarity (98%)
Really nice, good range.
volume (98%)
portability (90%)
small for a 4x10 but heavy and awkward.
service (100%)
Instant speaker replacment (within warranty
value (100%)
You can pick these up used cheap
overall (98%)
Outstanding 4x10
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