BGRA: Dr Bass RX210

Manufacturer Dr Bass Model RX210
Reviewer larry elwood Email
Experience 20 Item owned 1-6 months
Review Date 2005-03-21 Price paid 250.00
Speakers2 eminance 10s i tweeter
OK, I have been holding off for a while to put this review in. I wanted to make sure -also I don't have time for reviews and such. However, this cab deservs some time. I have been playing for 20 years and have had tons of different equipment - peavey, swr, eden, ampeg, acme etc.... This little light 210 is the most kick ass cabinet I have ever owned. I play in a r&b/funk/groove band that plays sort of loud at times. I play lots of different ways - muted thumb, finger, slap and I am very picky about my tone. If i am slapping i want the full bottom, a little mid so it will carry and crisp glassy highs. If i play finger style i want a punchy warm, clean defined sound etc....... Always -I have had to sacrifice one for another with different equipment. Currently I use an SWR SM400s ,a hotrodded 62 jazz bass reissue (aguilar preamp onboard) and this one dr bass 210 cab. This little 4 ohm cab will take the full cranked 250 watts of the swr and cut through everything (although the ideal set up should be another 210 or 15). Crisp highs, Tight punchy clear mids, and enough low end to suffice by itself. I can switch from thumb to finger with just an adjustment of my bass eq on the jazz bass and sound excellent at both settings. I know that my playing style , the amp and the bass have to do with the tone, but I have tried 4 different cabs with this exact set up--- the dr bass is the only one that gives it ALL to me. Try one you won't be disappointed!
construction (98%)
Marc should use a little higher guage grille -a little bendy.
clarity (100%)
beatifully balanced for all styles of playing
volume (100%)
way loud for a little 210 w/o sacraficing tone
portability (100%)
handles are the most comfortable I have used and super light
service (100%)
Marc, the designer and builder of this cab answers the phone personally every time you call!
value (100%)
not a better $250.00 cab you can buy on the market!
overall (98%)
I would just like to see dr bass go to a little heavier grille
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