BGRA: Eden WT-300 Traveller

Manufacturer Eden Model WT-300 Traveller
Reviewer BS
Experience Item owned
Review Date Price paid 990 list (US dollars)
DimensionsI's real small
Wattage300 Watts
Effectseffects loop
Othera lot of inputs and outputs :)A sweet DI, too
Goodness gracious, I have very few complaints about my Eden head, except for the fact that it took me forever to talk to the guys at Guitar Center for a decent deal. I think we negotiated for literally 3 hours...true story! The reason I first bought the amp was that it looked cool. Well, not really, but the tone just blew my mind away. I'd play any bass through the head and it just made it sound alive, with a real tight punch to it, with this solid warmth that makes my wet toes tingle, or something. I've heard so many good reviews on it as well, and said "heck, if you can't beat them, join them!" This was over 2 years ago. I'm still happy. I tried many other heads, but none captured the tone I liked from the little gold magic box. The power was good enough for what I needed, although I have to drive it every once in a while. There was no other head in the price range that could compete for combination of tone and power, although the GK-RB 800 was close, but not too close. Ok, so it sounds real nice, but that's not all. It sounds real nice! ? The tone warmed up even my cheapest bass for recording, which gave it a nice growl and cut. The EQ is super-powerful, that a single boost could make a world of difference. The way I judge anything is when you leave everything flat, and start from there. I usually always leave the amp flat. The enhance control is all I need, usually. It cuts the lower-mids, along with boosting some of the highs and lows. Cleans up a lot, although I don't use too much, maybe 3 notches. Ok, so it looks cool and it sounds nice. Next? Well, it's has a killer XLR send that like I said, rocks. Through the PA or the recording console, it's so true to the original sound. It still has that clean, warm sound. Natural...yeah! The next praise item is that it is extremely portable. I used to leave it in a 4-space rack, but the rack was literally 3 times larger than the head, so I just carry the head on its own (a dangerous move), or in some travel suitcase. I'm thinking of trying to find a light, custom case for it, perhaps the Eden traveller case? goodness, 13 pounds for all that? One of our band members scoffed and told me I should get a real amp. I shut him up real good ;) The only complaint I have is that I wish it had a blendable effects loop. I mean I have to send everything straight, which pretty much sounds the same as using effects from my bass to amp. What's the dealio? Well, that doesn't make too strong of a point. Dang, now that I think about it, I think I like this amp even more! One of the best investments for a working bass player (but I wouldn't know anything about that).
construction (90%)
clarity (100%)
value (100%)
overall (99%)
(Hey, blendable FX loops are nice!
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