BGRA: Ibanez SDGR 800

Manufacturer Ibanez Model SDGR 800
Reviewer Joel, 12 years of experience
Experience Item owned
Review Date Price paid Got it for free
Neck TypeMaple Bolt-on
Body TypeWood of somekind
FinishWonder if there is any?
ControlsThe problem is that there really is no control
I got this bass from my friend who broke his fingers skateboarding. What i wan't to say is that I'd newer have bought this crappy piece of wood with real money! The idea in this bass is good, ibanez guys propably tried pretty hard, but as sad as it is, they really didn't pull it off. The bass.. well it looks like any lower price group bass. Nothing really new or cool. The sound is ok too for a bass this cheap. Nothing great but it'll do. The worst thing in this bass is playability! It's really crappy! believe me! the neck is like a noodle, the whole touch is really pathetic and plastic. That is the problem with all the ibanez basses except that new BTB line with 35" scale. The pickup area makes me feel like drinking a gallon of gasoline and pissing on a bushfire. The strings have no attack, the sustain's poor and it feels like playing with plastic string eventhough i bought a brand new set of EBS strings for this piece of guitarsolo.
construction (70%)
playability (15%)
appearance (75%)
sound (75%)
value (30%)
overall (25%)
Hmm well i don't know...hmm 25?!
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