BGRA: Nemesis?Eden NC-200

Manufacturer Nemesis?Eden Model NC-200
Reviewer Alex Costa Email
Experience 18 Item owned 1-2 years
Review Date 2006-08-05 Price paid 450used
Power200W RMS
OtherCarpet covered
This is a great combo for the price. I carry it with one hand and it holds it's own on most situations. This is NOT a plug'n play amp. It takes some time for you to figure out the best eq'ing but once you achieve this it sounds beautiful. As with all Eden equipment, it's a little bassy and you have to compensate on the EQ. Mid-highs need some boosting. It has an XLR output, which is useful. It's built of some composite or fiberglass to save on weight. There are many combos that would beat this guy out there, but they all cost more than 1K. I'm happy with this combo but if I get the money, I'll probably buy something else in the future.
construction (95%)
Well built, Feels solid.
clarity (85%)
Lacks on mids and highs.
versatility (85%)
I'm able to dial good sounds but not every sound, it lacks on mids.
volume (95%)
It's loud enough for most gigs, Sound twice it's size.
portability (100%)
A 2x10 200W that you carry with one hand is simply perfect.
value (100%)
overall (90%)
It's very good combo and it's priced right.
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