BGRA: Peavey Valverb

Manufacturer Peavey Model Valverb
Reviewer Charles Fraser Gray
Experience Item owned
Review Date Price paid 300 Canadian
Dimensions1 IU rack space
The Peavey Valverb: No longer made, and a crying shame that it isn't. Created originally for to be a reverb unit for the electric guitar, the Valverb has found it's niche in how many other applications it can be used in. For this review: Bass Gear. If you love the sound of real tube reverb and you don't mind racks, then this monster is the perfect machine to complete your sound. Three Ax7 tubes give great warmth to the reverberated sound. 8 dials give emmence control of the reverberated signal. The sound is of a Fender '63 reverb tank, except this tubular machine also has tremelo to create ambient effects. Bass effects don't need to be as wild as electric guitar effects, so why spend a grand on a digital effects processor when you "the bassist" can't really use all the bizzarre effects that the electric guitarists love. If reverb is what you need then look no further than this gem. I personally love it. I still am perplexed why Peavey stopped manufacture of the gloried Valverb. Too bad. The only unfortunate aspect of the Valverb is it is a bit pricey compared to it's solid state nieghbours. Tube products unfortunately cost more, thus a person has to really love the tube sound to warrant purchase of this concert hall miestro. Many Bass players have seemed to accept the role of "Solid State" in their lives, because solid state is cheaper to purchase and less maintainance. Well if any of you have heard and played through all-tube rigs (inc. effects) then you will know that tube products are the only way to go. Check out the Valverb if you have a chance. You may be pleasantly surprised.
construction (100%)
usefulness (90%)
value (80%)
overall (95%)
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