BGRA: DiMarzio DP 149 Ultra Jazz

Manufacturer DiMarzio Model DP 149 Ultra Jazz
Reviewer Jeff Addicott
Experience 14 Item owned 1-2 years
Review Date 2002-12-18 Price paid 120
ShapeStandard 'J' bass Neck & Bridge
Typesplit humbucker
Othervintage-style magnets
A few years back, I got my hands on an old used Jazz Bass. The first time I took it onstage, it was a dog. No presence, no bottom, no top... no anything! I rewired it with the DiMarzios and an Aguilar OBP-1 preamp, and it became a monster, with piercing highs, aggressive mids and tons of bottom. The bass had a very serious, edgy presence, even with the preamp bypassed. The bass recorded really nicely, with an unmistakable "Marcus" vibe (it didn't hurt that the bass was a '76 with a maple neck). For a few years, the Jazz was my main bass. I got rid of it for economic and ergonomic reasons... but I still miss that sound! All this was with the coils wired in parallel and each pickup run through its own 500K pot. I later rewired it with 250K, which mellowed out the highs somewhat, but retained much of the punch. One option I didn't try would be to wire the coils in series, for more output and a stronger midrange. If the DiM's behave like other humbuckers, that would be amazingly punchy (but perhaps not best for slap, or for passive wiring). Overall, I highly reccomend these pickups if you're trying to bring a dull Jazz bass to life.
clarity (98%)
Plenty of highs.
value (95%)
Priced favorably against other makers.
overall (95%)
They work as promised.
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