BGRA: Eden Electronics D410XST

Manufacturer Eden Electronics Model D410XST
Reviewer George Lawhorn
Experience 40 Item owned 2-5 years
Review Date 2007-08-27 Price paid $1050.00
Dimensions23w x 25h x 18.5
Weight95 LBS
Power1000W RMS
Speakers4-10 inch EC-1060XS Cast Frame, E-2700 Cast Bell
I first bought my Eden D410XST right after they were introduced because I needed a high power speaker cab due to stage volumes that I faced at that particular time. My first impression was one of extreme pleasure at the tone, very good low end at high volumes with out rattling and the mids I keep at a lower level primarily because of style and the highs were good as well. After about a year of use I blew one or more speakers. I was very disappointed because the amp I used was rated within the parameters of recommendations for the cabinet. I have to say that Eden did step up and recone the speakers free of charge, thank you Eden. While I awaited the recones, 3-month process I bought a new additional Eden D410XST thinking I could use two on larger festival type stages with the flexibility of using only one on smaller shows. After receiving the recones back and reinstalling them they blew again within 6-months so Im stuck using only one cabinet which I promptly blew within a few month later. Disappointed, I set the Edens aside and started using an older SWR Goliath SR. 610 (good cab but thats another story) after finding Edens forum page on there website a year or so later I began a dialog about my experiences with the XSTs and got a lot of opinions from a lot of player but to my surprise Eden once again said send us both cabs and we will repair them and return them to you. WOW, unexpected, I did so and within 3 weeks of getting them back one started to rattle again. SO, here we are 5 years later and I still have two Eden cab that have been nothing but trouble even thought Eden went way beyond the call of duty to help. Bottom line for me is Eden 410XST sounds great but will not stand up to hard work. Also, Eden has great customer service but a problematic product. Also, for all you doubters, the old SWR Goliath Sr. 610 with mediocre sound has never failed me going on 8-years.
construction (98%)
clarity (100%)
when new
volume (75%)
1000 watts? not under extream conditions
portability (25%)
service (100%)
way beyond compair
value (75%)
overall (75%)
if you don't push it
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