BGRA: Aguilar DB112

Manufacturer Aguilar Model DB112
Reviewer Ian Ross
Experience 30 Item owned 6 months to 1 year
Review Date 2008-04-21 Price paid 350
Dimensions19 x 19 x 14
Speakers1 x 12
OtherGreen tolex covering, black chrome corners & cloth grille
After lugging around 1 x 15s and 4 x 10s over the years I wanted something more transportable, but not Neo. After seeing Gary Willis with his DB750 and three DB112s I thought if its good enough for him... So I got three. I've used with a GK1001 (two cabs) and a DB750. These little cabs have amazing bass capabilities. Five string is no problem. Very articulate with a lovely horn. Plenty of mid-range punch. Not as fizzy as some HF horns, and controllable with the rear attenuator. Not the lightest cab in the world, but I didn't want Neo cabs as they can be a bit too mid-strong. But they are still a one hand lift, plus they fit better in my car! If you like the look of a big stack behind you then these little cabs aren't for you. But try them first and you'll change your mind.
construction (100%)
Can't fault build quality
clarity (100%)
volume (100%)
Great sensitivity.
portability (100%)
Compact and easy to lug around
value (100%)
overall (100%)
Highly recommended
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