BGRA: Fender BXR 25 (Rad Bass)

Manufacturer Fender Model BXR 25 (Rad Bass)
Reviewer Steve Rolfe, 30 years
Experience Item owned
Review Date Price paid $100 US, used
Dimensions14 3/4W X 18H X 10D
Wattage25W RMS
Effectseffects loop
OtherHeadphone out, RCA in for tape/CD/drum unit/?
Originally sold as the Rad Bass in black or grey carpet, it's now marketed as the BXR-25 in tolex. Headphone and "tape in" jacks are great for practice. Where's that drum machine? This little guy kills the rest of the BXR line on tone. Other than the Gallien-Kruger or the new SWR Working Man's 10 (both priced $100's higher!), this is the only "micro amp" I would use on the gig. I actually prefer it to the G-K. At low volumes, it sounds like a good 4x10 (punchy, rounded lows, slightly scooped mids, open treble). It handles the low B on my 5-string better than most large amps. When Bass Player magazine gave it a "5" on tone, they weren't kidding. This is NOT a mere practice amp... It's loud enough for acoustic jams, quiet jazz, folk gigs, or worship. The tone is loose and blowy at rock volume levels, but it tops out gracefully. If you're a beginner, skip that awful Hartke or Peavey combo and buy one of these. Use the savings to upgrade to a low-end pro bass, like a Carvin. You'll sound better, and you won't want to dump the bass OR the BXR when you move up to the big leagues...
construction (80%)
clarity (90%)
value (100%)
overall (90%)
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