BGRA: Peavey 1987 Foundation "S"

Manufacturer Peavey Model 1987 Foundation "S"
Reviewer Tim Skaggs
Experience Item owned
Review Date Price paid $550
Neck TypeMaple, bolt on
Body TypeAlper or poplar?
FinishBlack Enamel? paint
Pickup(s)"P" type at neck, "J" at bridge both passive
ControlsVolume, volume, tone
After I read a couple other reviews, I had to write this. I bought this bass new, (traded a regular Foundation for it) in November 1997. I think this is the best bass Peavey has ever made (they don't make them anymore!). The pickups are quiet and have a much beter tone than a Fender jazz. I bought a new American Standard Jazz in 95, exchanged it for a second due to dead spots on the neck of the first, traded the second for a third for the same reason. The third was a great bass, but not even close to this Peavey. The "S" series had the split coil in the front position and a dual coil (quite) "J" pickup in the rear, PLUS high quality Schaller half enclosed tuners and a super thin & narrow neck. I added a hipshot D tuner, an EMG B/T control, and changed it to string through the body. I really didn't need to do any of this, but I like to experiment. I can't say enough about this bass. If you see one in a pawn shop and your looking for a Jazz style bass, buy it. It will play better, sound better, have better balance, and cost MUCH less than a Jazz. When you get ready to sell or trade it, it will still be much less than a Jazz, but it will be great during the "on stage time. I don't play mine much anymore (went to Carvin 5 string) but when I do I'm amazed at the quality and sound to this day.
construction (95%)
Great frets, good rear bridge
playability (100%)
Neck tilt, truss rod, and bridge adjustment
appearance (90%)
Very contoured body
sound (100%)
Best passive pickups I've owned
value (95%)
If you get a $150 pawn shop deal, 1000
overall (99%)
I'll probably keep it forever.
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