BGRA: Basslines(seymour duncan) quarter pound P-bass pickup

Manufacturer Basslines(seymour duncan) Model quarter pound P-bass pickup
Reviewer Scotty Coyle
Experience 3 Item owned 6 months to 1 year
Review Date 2004-10-07 Price paid $180
Sizestandard p-bass dimentions
Typesplit coil p bass pickup
Otheroversized magnets(Hell yeah!!)
i bought a mexican fender precision bass brand new in search for that growly punk Blink182 type of p bass sound. The bass was good (as much as u can expect from a mexican fender) but i couldnt help but modify to reach the right sound i was after. I added the quarter pound pickup to reach this sound. The pickup added alot of output to the bass and it also added more treble and bass frequency response. I loved this pickup in my bass i makes it sound alot more growly and ferosious. If u like the old school precision sound this pickup may not be suitable but if u are after a hardcore growly modern p-bass sound this pickup is so awesome. Lots of bass lots of output and growl... oh yeah.
clarity (98%)
Makes it sound alot clearer but thats not what p-basses are made for
value (100%)
wont dissappoint
overall (98%)
great purchase
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