BGRA: Yamaha RBX250

Manufacturer Yamaha Model RBX250
Reviewer Keith Mac
Experience Item owned
Review Date Price paid $200-300
Neck Typeone piece maple bolt-on
Body Typealder
Finishnatural stain
Pickup(s)p-bass style
Controls1 volume, 1 tone
Last year I needed to buy a bass but I didn't have a lot of cash to spend. Someone directed me to the RBX250 by Yamaha. I was told that it was an inexpensive instrument that played like one that costs $150-200 more. I was sceptical at first but they were right. This bass has great looks for a low priced instrument. I like the natural wood myself because I thought the black and blue paint jobs made this bass look cheap. The headstock has it's own unique look to it too. The knobs are the cheap plastic kind but you can always replace them if you want to. The alder body is fairly lightweight so your shoulder won't go to sleep after an hour set. The neck is shaped well so it feels comfortable in your hand. The only drawback is that it's not well balanced so the neck pulls down when you let go of the bass. I scored the playability a little lower because of this balance problem. There is only one p-bass pickup so you don't get a lot of control of your sound. It does have a real punchy bottom end though. I like the sound I get out of it when I put the tone at the half way spot and I boost the midrange in my amp. It gets a real nice growl. It also has great sustain on the bottom end and slaps pretty good too. The bass came with a real cheap gig bag that is nothing more than two pieces of vinyl sewn together. Anyone buying one of these bases should invest a few dollars in a good bag or case. All-in-all this bass is a great value for a beginner or someone on a tight budget. I paid less that $200 for mine new during a sale. You should be able to get one used pretty cheap. Yamaha did a great job proving a good quality instrument for a reasonable price.
construction (90%)
playability (80%)
appearance (95%)
sound (85%)
value (100%)
overall (90%)
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