BGRA: Acoustic 470 (1970's)

Manufacturer Acoustic Model 470 (1970's)
Reviewer Sean Thomas
Experience Item owned
Review Date 0000-00-00 Price paid 300 ($CDN)
Dimensions3 rack spaces
Controlsbright for each channel and polarity reversal.
Otherline out (unbalanced), 2 channels (footswitchable)
If you can find one of these amps in your local guitar shop

- or even the pawn shop- I sugest you pick it up. This solid-

state amp has more than enough power to compete in any band

situation. It's EQ can create any tone with minimal distortion.

One drawback is that it's kind of heavy buy hey, it's from the

70's right? This is one of the most reliable amps I've ever used.

Mine has survived numerous tours and insane,stagediving drunks.

Most guitar shops have easy access to cheap replacement parts

if and when it breaks down. I run mine through an old SUNN

2 X 15" cabinet (upgraded with JBL 15s) and can compete with

Marshall full-stacks.

(editor's note -- some folks dispute the fact that the 470 is a 300 watt amp. the author assures me that the amp is marked at 300W@4ohm.)

(editors note #2 BY CBLUEZ..Feb1st/08..The Acoustic 470 is without a doubt a non load sensitive 170W RMS amplifier according to Acoustic Control Corp literature. It was their most powerful amplifier at the time and was billed as a guitar and bass amp.)

construction (100%)
clarity (100%)
versatility (0%)
volume (0%)
service (0%)
value (0%)
overall (100%)
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