Manufacturer Yamaha Model RBX6JM
Reviewer Mark Winegarden
Experience 3 Item owned 6 months to 1 year
Review Date 2001-07-30 Price paid $689
Bass type6 string fretted
Neck joinBolt-On
Neck construction3-piece maple
Fignerboard24 fret ebony
Body3 peice alder body w/flame maple veneer
Finishblue/turquoise polyurethane
PickupsYamaha Dualcoil
Hardwaregold Yamaha
ElectronicsYamaha 3 band
This is a wonderful instrument. I am a big John Myung fan and am able to get his sound out of this bass and very Rocco style p-bass in the neck position and Jaco J-bass sounds in the bridge position with the mid boost. The neck is very comfortable, but I have pretty big hands. The body is great but I would prefer a more rounded shape. The neck joint is ROCK SOLID! There is no play here. the sheilding is a little lax but what do you expect in this price range. Over all I like this bass more than my Warwick Proline 6. the neck is much more comfortable and the sound is alot more clean. I would recommend this bass over many others on the market.
construction (98%)
one word: solid
playability (100%)
appearance (98%)
if it were a rounded shape it would be perfect
sound (100%)
value (100%)
overall (100%)
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